About Us

At Q Dental we are dedicated to providing high quality dental care at a reasonable price.

Understanding your needs is our key focus, and by knowing what you need we are able to provide you with the gold standard in service and care. By ensuring our dental care is affordable, our emergency dental care is available 7 days a week and making your child’s visit to our practice fun and educational, we endeavour to keep evolving to your needs.

At Q Dental, we have invested in advanced technology in order to deliver brilliant results and utmost comfort to our patients

We utilise the following pieces of technology to offer unsurpassed patient care and results:

Digital X-rays

Exposing patients to 90% less radiation than traditional methods, our digital X-ray technology supports the health and wellbeing of our patients. This technology also allows your records to be stored and transferred to specialists with ease.


Utilising digital X-ray technology, our OPG allows us to examine various aspects of your mouth from a single image.

Intraoral Camera

This highly specialised piece of technology allows us to examine and magnify your oral areas to allow for a more detailed diagnosis. Our intraoral camera is a great educational tool as it displays this information on a chair side screen to enable our patients to fully understand their oral condition.

Digital Caries Detector

Our digital caries detector allows us to discover hidden areas of decay that would otherwise be overlooked by traditional diagnostic tools.

Adec 500 Dental Chair

Upgrade from economy to gold class comfort with our top of the range dental chairs. We have invested in Adec 500 Dental Chairs to offer our patients the highest levels of comfort during their dental treatment.