Our Services

Trained to finest American Standards, our treatments are designed to enrich the health and appearance of your smile

At Q Dental located at Bella Vista in Bella Vista, our dental treatments are delivered with a feather light touch in our safe and clean practice. Our high standards of sterilisation and infection control means you are safe throughout all dental treatments. We understand that many patients suffer from dental fear or anxiety, and as such we have created a practice that is calm, serene and staff who go the extra mile to ensure your comfort and exceed expectations. We are truly dedicated to helping you achieve your very best smile, and will only ever recommend treatment if it is in your best interests.

Our range of dental treatments…

By offering a large variety of dental treatments our professional team are able to address a wide array of dental concerns, including chipped, broken or damaged teeth, tooth decay or gum disease. Whether you desire a beautiful new smile or want to reclaim the function of your teeth, at Q Dental we can help. Our treatments range across a wide spectrum of dental care, so we can help you maintain a healthy, beautiful and functional smile. These treatments include:

Your health and wellbeing is our main priority, and as such our practice adheres to the highest health and safety standards when delivering our quality dental treatments. Your needs drive the process, and by listening to you we can work together to custom-design a treatment plan that suits your needs and dental goals. By keeping your dental desires in mind we can give you realistic expectations for your treatment so you can be truly satisfied with the outcome.

We utilise a compassionate approach to dentistry to cater to the needs of anxious patients

For those who suffer from extreme fear or anxiety associated with dental care (known as dental phobia), we offer IV sedation to allow anxious patients to receive the dental care that they so desperately want and need. This technique may also be useful for time poor patients who wish to have multiple concerns addressed all within the same appointment. At Q Dental we strive to make your experience with us as smooth and easy as possible.

Regardless of whether you suffer from dental anxiety or not, our friendly team strive to ensure that every visit to our practice is as comfortable and relaxing as possible.