Emergency Dental Care

At Q Dental if you entrust your smile to our friendly team we will support you in your time of need

We have after hours appointments available 7 days a week to accommodate our patients with busy lifestyles. For emergencies we make our services readily available for his patients and he can be contacted directly if your dental emergency occurs outside of office hours. This gives our patients peace of mind and allows them to be seen as soon as possible for the best chance at minimising or eliminating their dental emergency.

What makes a dental concern an emergency?

A dental concern can be aesthetic or functional, and usually falls under ‘chipped, cracked or crooked’ teeth. However when any of these concerns are experienced in conjunction with any amount of dental pain, this constitutes a dental emergency and you should seek help as soon as possible. An easy way to remember this is by the simple phrase: “if it hurts, call the experts!” At Q Dental we take dental pain very seriously and urge our patients to call us if they experience any amount of pain that cannot be alleviated with normal pain medications.

Many patients who experience dull toothaches feel it is not important as the pain will eventually ‘go away’. While this may be the case most of the time, it is still important to have your teeth checked early to ensure that the pain is not associated with something more severe, such as damaged pulp or tooth decay. Any dental pain is just not normal, so if you are experiencing pain within the mouth it is important to visit our Bella Vista dental practice as quickly as possible.

What do I do if my tooth has been knocked out?

One of the most common dental emergencies is the loss of an adult tooth. If your tooth has been knocked out pick it up by the crown (never the root) and rinse the tooth with water or milk if it is not clean. DO NOT scrub the tooth or remove any attached tissue fragments and transport the tooth in the mouth of the injured patient or a cup of milk. In this case of dental emergency time is of the essence- getting to a dentist within half an hour can mean the difference between saving and losing your natural tooth!

At Q Dental in Bella Vista we are dedicated to helping you maintain your natural teeth for life, and urge our patients to get in touch with us if they should experience any dental pain, trauma or major concerns.