For Patients

At Q Dental, our patients are the most valued part of our business!

Our friendly team strives to make your visit to our Bella Vista practice as comfortable and convenient as possible. Our goal is to make you as relaxed as possible and ensure you get the best dental experience and results. We do this through our gentle approach to dentistry and advanced technology to streamline our process and make our treatments as cost-effective as possible whilst maintaining quality. At Q Dental, you don’t need to compromise for high quality dentistry.

We have established Q Dental to provide our patients with a range of high quality treatments combined with superior care for the best dental experience.

At Q Dental, we strive to keep our prices as reasonable as possible

We understand that finding a quality dentist that is not only reliable but affordable can make all the difference to maintaining your oral health. To help you wherever we can, we offer the following payment services and vouchers for your convenience:


This swift payment processing service allows you to claim your health fund rebate immediately so you are not out of pocket. Patients find this form of claiming is much faster and more convenient than standard claiming at a later date.

Teen Dental Vouchers

For teens aged between 12 and 17 years, our practice accepts Medicare teen dental vouchers for a comprehensive preventative oral health check-up, so your child can get the care they need.

Changes to Teen Dental Vouchers

The Medicare Teen Dental Plan is being replaced from the 1st January 2014.

The Teen Dental Vouchers will be valid until the 31st of December after that date, it will be replaced by the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. This new service provides a capped benefit entitlement for basic dental services for children aged 2-17 who meet the same requirements as the Teen Dental Vouchers.

Learn more about the Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Vet Affairs Vouchers

At Q Dental we additionally accept Vet Affairs dental vouchers to help those who need us most.

If you have any further queries or concerns about your payment options, our friendly reception team is more than happy to provide assistance.

Oral Health Fee for Service Scheme

The Oral Health Fee for Service Scheme (OHFFSS) Policy Directive is to provide episodic and general treatment, and allocation of dentures to eligible NSW residents through a procurement scheme with private oral health practitioners.

The private oral health practitioners are required to be registered with their local Area Health Service. Access to the OHFFSS is based on the Priority Oral Health Program, which triages eligible NSW residents based on their clinical health needs.

It’s for patients in the public hospitals who needs dental treatment urgently but when there is a long wait. A voucher will then be given to the patient for their chosen private practitioner who then will see the patient according to their requirements.

Our dental practice is easily located 3-5 minutes off the M2 and M7

We offer FREE parking for all of our patients, and our private underground parking is 100% secure. If you are travelling to our practice you may wish it call ahead to arrange a car park. Due to our close proximity to the nearby hospital, if there are no car parks available in our building we are more than happy to reimburse you for the paid parking available at the hospital.

Our 100% secure building offers wheelchair access and free coffee is available downstairs to all of our valued patients.

We look forward to caring for your families’ smiles soon!