Root canal treatment

Rumour has it that root canal is an uncomfortable treatment, but when performed by us, it should not cause any more discomfort than that of a regular filling!

Your teeth are made up of three main layers – the tough enamel on the outside, the inner layer under the enamel called dentin, and the very core of your tooth called the pulp, where all the nerves and blood vessels are. When dental decay or periodontal disease sets in and is left untreated, these infections can slowly make their way to the pulp, causing inflammation and further infection.

All the nerves and blood vessels are found in the pulp of the tooth, which is why when it becomes infected it causes so much pain and discomfort. The presence of the infection can actually travel down to the root of the tooth, and if not treated promptly can impact the health of the gums and underlying jawbone causing swelling, pain, tenderness and tooth discolouration. This is why traditionally infected teeth would need extraction, in order to prevent the jawbone from becoming infected. At Q Dental we will always try and save your natural teeth wherever we can with root canal therapy.

How is a root canal performed?

If the inner pulp of your tooth has become infected, root canal treatment can save your natural tooth from extraction by effectively removing the infected material. The typical root canal treatment will involve us removing the infected pulp of the tooth, after which the tooth is cleaned and sealed to prevent any further bacterial infection or inflammation. Since root canal treatment removes the infected tissue, it can cause the tooth to become weakened or brittle. To ensure the prolonged health of your tooth, we may wish to reinforce your treated tooth with a crown to ensure the strength and longevity of this restoration.

Conventionally, root canal treatment used to be very painful with the absence of anaesthetics and other methods of minimising pain. Unfortunately root canal still has these negative connotations, however now with our high quality, advanced root canal treatment combined with our gentle touch and modern technology, we can make your treatment as painless as possible, and should cause no further discomfort than receiving a regular filling!

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