If you would like Q Dental to visit your school, we provide a number of options for different age groups. We have extensive training in paediatric dentistry and is an ideal choice for looking after children’s smiles.

Primary Schools

A child’s first set of teeth (milk teeth) are important for the development of their adult teeth. We provide two seminar options for primary school children:

  • The first is for the younger students: This seminar revolves around the importance of daily brushing and flossing and the importance of looking after milk teeth. The talk would focus on avoiding cavities at an early age. Q Dental offers fissure sealants to help protect teeth.
  • The second is for the older students: This seminar would discuss bite/jaw alignment and the role that orthodontics can play in looking after your child’s teeth. Orthodontics at an early age can mean quicker treatment times because a child’s jaw is still developing.

High Schools

For high schools Q Dental offers three options. The first two options are open to all students while the third is a careers talk/discussion with the students in grade 10-11:

  • General check-up and information seminar: This option is to provide a general check-up at the school as well as provide an education seminar on the importance of oral hygiene and looking after your teeth.
  • Parental education: This is discussion with parents about why looking after their child’s oral health is important for the future.
  • Career talks: We can talk to students about a career as a dentist and in the dental industry.
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