When Wisdom Teeth Send You Running For Cover


When Wisdom Teeth Send You Running For Cover When Wisdom Teeth Send You Running For Cover

It’s probably time to have them checked by a dentist…

Are you feeling pain at the back of your mouth? Are you between 16-25 years of age? It very well could be your wisdom teeth, and it is important to have these checked as early as possible. While it is important to book an appointment at Q Dental in Bella Vista if you experience any kind of dental pain, pain associated with wisdom teeth could be due to a number of different reasons. The pain could be due to:

  • The tooth becoming impacted under the gums, which can lead to an abscess!
  • The wisdom teeth emerging then falling back underneath the gums
  • The tooth erupting at an angle and hitting the adjacent tooth

All of these issues can cause large amounts of pain, so it is important to have your wisdom teeth checked at around 16-17 years of age, to ensure they will erupt correctly and that you have enough room in your mouth to accommodate them.

Why wouldn’t I have enough room?

Our wisdom teeth used to fit comfortably in our mouths about 100 million years ago, when we used our teeth to do almost everything, including tearing meat and crunching vegetables. The prehistoric man’s jaws were much larger and were able to accommodate all 32 teeth comfortably. Evolution has since seen man invent utensils and appliances that have rendered wisdom teeth virtually useless, as a result our mouths have become much narrower and wisdom teeth no longer play a part in our lives. This is why you may not have enough room in the mouth for your wisdom teeth to erupt, and if this is the case you may need an extraction.

At Q Dental we perform wisdom tooth extractions to help alleviate your pain…

The main reasons we will need to remove wisdom teeth include:

  • Not having enough room in the jaw to accommodate the teeth
  • Partial eruption occurs which can cause the gums to become red, sore and inflamed
  • The teeth may erupt at odd angles, putting pressure on the surrounding teeth and ultimately distorting your bite and teeth alignment

We are able to remove wisdom teeth in simplistic cases and will be able to walk you through all aspects of your extraction prior to surgery so you can understand what to expect before and after treatment. While recovering it is normal to experience some tenderness but this should subside a few days after your surgery.

Will my wisdom tooth extraction hurt?

At Q Dental we believe in gentle dental care, and as such perform wisdom tooth extractions under IV Sedation so you can breeze through treatment. If you have a particularly complex case, we can refer you to high quality local specialists who can give you the in-depth and extensive treatment you require.

For further information on wisdom teeth or the extractions we perform, please do not hesitate to contact us at our Bella Vista dental practice.

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